Efficient distribution

In partnership with the Finland high end technology transportation solutions, for Ccompany “K. Hartwall”, we sell and distribute all kinds of high end technology transportation solutions, for modernizing the distribution channels for companies that are in the following industrial sectors:

  • Retails - last mile solutions (Roll Containers + Dollies) that make efficient processes of “picking” and manage to increase substantially the number of products sent to its shops, by eliminating the use of the pallets and reducing transportation costs.
  • Beverages - Packaging Solutions and transportation (Adapters of pallets + Dollies & Trays) that improve its distribution channel since its palletizing, distribution and exhibition in store without wastage of secondary packaging, eliminating to the greatest extent possible the use of their platforms and reducing transportation costs.
  • • Automotive - Solutions "Lean Manufacturing & Logistics" (Pallet Adapters + Dollies & Trays) they do honor to the philosophy of "lean" in this industry, making your transportation of finished products between Tier 2, Tier 1 and OEM is efficient, productive and versatile.

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  • Retailers
  • Beverages
  • Automotive